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LGB Direct are outsourced specialists who use direct forms of marketing to increase customer acquisitions and retention rates.

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LGB Direct disagrees with statement that millennial entrepreneurs are...

LGB Direct , direct marketing specialists are keen to disagree with claims that millennial entrepreneurs are 'delusional'. About LGB Direct:... read more

19.10.2015 • By LGB Direct

Strapped for Cash? LGB Direct Reviews 3 Money-Saving Strategies for...

Starting a business doesn't need to be costly reveals Watford based LGB Direct . The direct marketing firm reviews three valuable money-saving... read more

06.10.2015 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct: Make Your Brand a Success By Doing These 5 Things

The best brands are those that are authentic and organically grown from a company's products, says LGB Direct. The firm outline the common... read more

09.09.2015 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct: Enhance Your Brand Loyalty With These Two Simple Words

Specialists in brand loyalty and awareness, LGB Direct offer their tips on how to boost customer loyalty and how the use of two simple words can... read more

19.06.2015 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Urges businesses to make the customer experience count in 2015

Sales and marketing firm, LGB Direct offers advice on how to improve customer experience and outlines how this will impact results. About LGB... read more

06.03.2015 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct hopes that the return of ‘The Apprentice’ will Encourage...

With popular BBC series 'The Apprentice' well underway in its 10th series, direct marketing firm LGB Direct hopes that the series will encourage... read more

04.12.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Provide 7 Steps to Launching a Business

Direct marketing experts LGB Direct highlight the key foundations needed for business success in seven simple steps. Having a unique business... read more

24.11.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Thrilled as London is Praised For its Friendliness Towards...

With a number of London Boroughs receiving praise last week for their support of new businesses , London based sales and marketing firm LGB... read more

21.11.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct – How modesty could be holding UK SME’s back

A recent study has revealed that a number of small UK business owners are uncomfortable promoting their businesses due to a fear it could be seen... read more

03.11.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct: How do Entrepreneurs Contribute to the Economy?

Direct marketing firm LGB Direct reveal the importance entrepreneurship has on the economy. The role of small businesses in the UK and in... read more

28.10.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Ltd: Marketing Automation Explained

LGB Direct Ltd explain the fundamentals of marketing automation and how it can give businesses the competitive edge for improving the... read more

09.10.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct: Why Direct Marketing Trumps Social Media Marketing

Living in a digital age, most brands believe that digital marketing platforms are the way forward. However, face-to-face marketing specialists... read more

07.10.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct: Learning the art of Delegation

Business management is a fundamental part of the working day for business owners. However, to ensure business growth and success, entrepreneurs... read more

01.10.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Ltd thrilled at ‘marked increase’ in confidence among Small...

A recent report has found that global confidence in small businesses has seen a dramatic increase. Outsourced sales and marketing firm  LGB... read more

18.09.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Celebrate Economic Growth but Urge Companies not to get...

It’s been a promising year for small businesses across the UK. With the economic outlook becoming more positive by the day, sales and marketing... read more

15.08.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Underline the Importance of Small Businesses for Britain’s...

Small businesses have played a crucial role for Britain’s economic recovery over the past years.  LGB Direct point out that SMEs are... read more

17.07.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Insist That Customer Satisfaction Increases ROI

Research shows that 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience. Lyudmil Borisov at LGB... read more

11.03.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Urges Businesses to Differentiate Customer ‘Types’ and Use...

LGB Direct calls for companies to use more targeted campaigns in order to satisfy and appeal to more than one market segment. Targeting marketing... read more

18.02.2014 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct Travel to Spain to Attend Awards Ceremony at Hotel Rey Juan...

Outsourced sales and marketing suppliers are to hold a European Awards Ceremony in Barcelona on 14th December, 2013. LGB Direct’s Managing... read more

10.12.2013 • By LGB Direct

Thinking Outside the Box: LGB Direct Ltd Promote the Benefits of...

In the current economy British companies are looking for more effective and innovative solutions to boost their marketing reach. London-based LGB... read more

20.11.2013 • By LGB Direct

LGB Direct’s Lyudmil Borisov Attends Ziglar Seminar in West London

Lyudmil Borisov , Managing Director of London based outsourced marketing and sales company LGB Direct attended Ziglar’s seminar Born To Win.... read more

16.07.2013 • By LGB Direct